Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Receptionist In Training

One thing about my job at the Animal Clinic/Wildlife Rehab center is that you never know what you are going to see from day to day. Today was one of those cute moments.

During our surgery time they had to take an x-ray of an extremely wild and aggressive (very large) dog. In the meantime there was this cute black and white dog waiting for his anesthesia. Since the shepherd was not being very nice, the techs thought it was a good idea to take this cutie-pie to a safe area. Instead of putting him back in a cage, they brought him up to us. 

While we were working on surgery charts, Tonto decided he wanted to make himself comfy on one of our chairs, but there was no chair available. No to worry, there was an easy solution. He just jumped up onto the chair behind Lisa (dark haired receptionist who is  now sitting in a different chair) and continued to nudge her until she moved.

He is now comfy and happy!


  1. LOL! Well he sure knows how to get his way! So cute!

  2. Aaaaww...How cute. Had his little heart set on that chair, didn't he?


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