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Applique Tutorial - Daisy Stitch & Satin Stitch, Part 4, Plus WINNERS!

First let me congratulate the winners of my giveaway. They will each receive my super bag pattern plus their choice of 3 patterns from my shops. If they don't sew, they can choose 5 graphic items from my digital scrapbooking shops.

Here they are along with links to their blogs so you can visit them.

Alice from

Anne Marie from

Edi from

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Now, onto the final two stitches in my series. First we have the daisy stitch. This is a cute and decorative stitch. You can make into the shape of a daisy or you can make it into a long chain by using the same stitch. You can see in the image above how I made mine side by side to appear as the "pie vents" in my pie appliques.

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Our final stitch is the satin stitch. I'll be the first to admit that this is my least favorite stitch to do. I do use it though because there are times when I feel it's needed such as for the cat's the nose and the owl's beak above. It's just several stitches side by side and I like to use all 6 strands of floss in my needle for this stitch, where I usually use only 3 for other stitching.

I hope you have enjoyed the series. It will remain here on my blog and you can get to it by clicking on the Tutorials tab at the top. Come by anytime you need to use it as a reference.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. Your blog just made my day! Thank you.

  2. congratulations to the three winners.
    The satin stitch is one I always seem to have trouble with. Thanks for the tutorials

  3. I was so excited to win your giveaway! Love the clipart sets I received!!!

  4. loving this series! The videos are perfect!

  5. This is a great series! Thank you, Sher!


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