Monday, March 16, 2015

Basement Clean-out - Report Cards

You know how you really want your kids to work hard in school, and you expect good report cards? What do you do when your kids find your school report cards? Yep, that's exactly happened today when we were doing mom's basement clean-out. I come down the stairs to hear my future daughter in law laughing after saying the words, "Sheryl does not work hard enough and talks too much in class." Yes, it was my first grade report card from 1967. OK, so I wasn't perfect!

We are finding more and more interesting treasures every time we clean.


  1. oh that is too funny. At least that wasn't found by your kids while they were still in school. That could have been

  2. Haha...Mine probably said the same thing. I might have talked a lot when I was in school too :)
    What fun to come across these!

  3. That is classic! What a riot that your mom kept the old report cards!

  4. My sister and I love to sort out the old things in the house of our mother sometimes. Often we find interesting things: letters, report cards and pictures. We remember the old story and tell it otherwise. Events that previously seemed terrible, now seem very funny. It's always a lot of fun.

  5. Ha.Ha. I can believe the talking in class part, but you are a very hard worker!

  6. What a great find those must have been. Nothing wrong with practicing your social skills, right?


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