Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Tour of My Sewing and Embroidery Studio

Several years back I gave a tour of my studio but a lot has changed in the studio and with my designing since then. The one thing that hasn't changed is that it is and always will be my happy place.

I gave my husband measurements and he built me two complete walls of shelving according to my specs. The big piece in the bottom picture is a Murphy bed. It's so easy to pull down when we have guests. When our granddaughter spends the night her and I like to have movie night in our jammies. We have popcorn, candies, herbal tea, and of course Berta (Yokie in top picture) likes to join us. Above my desk on the wall to the left is a TV that we can pull out from the wall and turn it toward us.

I also have a foldup standing desk (stored under the desk to the left) that I can put on the table in the bottom picture, or my desk when I feel like I'm getting too much sitting time.

I just recently added the table on the left so I could have my sewing machine up and my embroidery machine at the same time. I actually quit sewing a few years back because it was a pain to clear off my desk to place the sewing machine. Now it's always ready for some serious stitching.

Of course I have lots of great storage! Ribbon fit perfectly in the over the door shoe holder and an over the door handbag holder is perfect for my interfacings, stabilizer, and some of my vinyl.

I love the cabinet at the right. I bought it about 35 years ago. It fits my cotton fabrics perfectly! And that gaming chair is so comfortable!

There is always some kind of work in progress. If I have to pull down the bed for a guest, I just fold up the table and stash it behind the door and place the stuff on top in a bin that goes in the closet. Takes about five minutes.

I love my desk! It's the perfect set up for me. The monitor at the left is so handy for those times when two monitors are needed. Plus, it's so large I can really see what I'm doing. You'll also notice that I have my Samsung tablet ready to go when I need it. I also always have a pen and paper for notes. And of course, you can see at my feet there is a little bed. That's because Berta never leaves my side.

Above really is the view outside my window. Momma deer seems to trust us because this isn't the only time she's left her babies in our yard for the day. On this particular day, I had to take my dog out in the front yard on a leash so he wouldn't disturb them.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Now you have a peek inside the studio where all my creations come to life!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Old Cemeteries

I hope I don't lose my people on this one, but I have a whole other side to me. I'm still crafty, family-oriented, and love my baking and cooking, but I also love to visit old cemeteries. The older, the better. I have a partner in crime on these missions so I'm not alone in these adventures. I didn't have any interest in them until I moved out to the country. Up the hill, tucked in the woods right behind my house is an old family cemetery. One day I decided to take a look. I was fascinated by the old headstones, some of which the wording have completely faded away. I was curious so I researched the family and found some interesting reading. There are three headstones that have military markers. Two are from the War of 1812, and one from the Civil War. For such an old cemetery, I was surprised and happy to see that someone has been taking very good care of the property. They just recently put up new fencing, a new sign, and mulch on the hill leading up to it. I hope to talk to that person if I ever see them.

Another thing about cemeteries is that it's a great place to get your steps in! Not the one on the hill, but the bigger ones. We have so many trails near our house yet the big cemetery in town is always full of walkers. One of my favorite things to do is look at all the military graves. I just started carrying pennies with me so I can place them. If you like to leave coins on the headstones, here is an article on how to do it, what it means, and how it all began.


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