Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you all a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Let the holiday crafting begin!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Stitch Up A Memory!

In the photo above you will see one of my favorite gifts ever received. My daughter in law had it made for me using one of my dad's favorite shirts. She didn't know it when she was having it made, but I actually bought that shirt for him the previous Father's Day. I will treasure this forever!

There are so many great things you can stitch up from clothing that belonged to loved ones for either a special occasion, or as a memory project.

I've seen so many great ideas for this. In one of my sewing groups a lady made boxy zipper bags for her family members from some of her mother's favorite skirts. She shared a picture and the were beautiful!

Other great ideas would be making a christening gown out of a wedding dress, or sachets from clothing items. How about Christmas ornaments from some of their jewelry or clothing? There are so many small things that you can make from a loved one's clothing that other family members will cherish.

I was very lucky because I had two dad's growing up. My biological father who is living in Florida with my bonus mom (aka stepmom), and I also have the dad that raised me. He passed just under two years ago. I wrote him a poem for his 80th birthday and I'm sharing it below. As much as I believe in a bloodline, I also believe 100% in a LOVE line!

That Special Someone
As we walk the path of life
we will meet many people.
Some people will come and go
with nothing more than a glance or a nod,
while others will come into your life
and leave an impression one way or another.

But every now and then
you will come across someone so special
who will touch you in a way
that will change you forever.
When you are blessed enough
to have this person in your life,
you will treasure them, and love them,
and hang on to every moment,

and hold a place for them in your heart forever.

Written by Sheryl Lynn Hastings

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Purge, Donate, Up-cycle, Recycle

Before you throw out or toss to the side, see if you can bring that old item back to life!

I pull off any embellishments such as zippers, buttons, and purse hardware before tossing the item, especially from purses. If you sew, you know how valuable zippers and hardware can be. For the zippers, I keep a basket in my sewing room to store them until I can get a chance to separate them from the fabric. This is a great project to do while watching a movie with the hubster. 

My daughter is a master of up-cycling. When I was out visiting her this summer I was admiring her pegboard that she made for her office/studio. I couldn't believe it when she told me the cute little holders used to be Crystal Light containers! After spraying them with a plastic paint, she put a sealer on them and added some embellishments. How cute!

In the photo above you will also see how she took old book pages, tea dyed them, and decoupaged them to the table and lampshade. She even made the lamp base out of old books!

My next project will be this really cute Collapsible Thread Catcher from The Fabric Therapy Blog. Can you believe it's made from parts of a Pringles container?

Next time you think about de-cluttering, think about the many different things you could do with the items you no longer want.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Mug Rug Patterns Ideas - Trucks with Tree and Camper!

I asked what you'd like to see on a mug rug and you told me! I have quite a list and I'm hoping to get to each and every one of them. Some are for Christmas and New Year's, so obviously I'll get to those first. 

My first two are from Melanie and Carole. How fitting that they both involved a truck! This made it easier for me to do two at once. 

Carole asked for a camper on a truck, while Melanie wanted to see a truck with a tree that had just been cut down for Christmas.

You can find the Perfect Christmas Tree Mug Rug Pattern HERE, and the Let's Go Camping Mug Rug Pattern HERE.

Thank you ladies and everyone else for sharing your fun and creative ideas. If I haven't gotten to yours yet, don't worry, it's on the drawing board and will be published in the near future.

Keep the great ideas coming!!!
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