Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I finally got around to cleaning out the home office, and that's when I came across these gems. When your kids write you notes, you save them forever. I have every note they ever wrote me when they were small, but these are when they were much, much older. When I first moved into an apartment after my divorce in 2006, both of my kids lived with me. My daughter was the first to move out a few months later, then my son moved out about a year after that. During the time they both lived with me, they would write me notes and in these notes, they argued over who loved me more and who was the better child. One would start the note, then the other would add to it, and so on. One note had about four additions to it. I will cherish these forever!

Along with the notes I came across this picture above. It was taken of me and a little friend about five years ago when I was working full time at the animal clinic. Back then we took in orphaned fawns. An animal control officer brought this one in when she took this picture. We still rehab wildlife but no longer take in deer. Between pets, humane societies, exotics, and wildlife, you never know what is going to come through that door. Do you see why I like to fill in occasionally now so my co-workers could get some time off?

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Midwest Scroll Saw Trade Show

Who knew that going to the Midwest Scroll Saw Trade Show would turn into a new passion! A few months back the hubster, who is an extremely talented woodworker, came across an ad in one of his magazines for a scroll saw show. He was so excited about it that he suggested we get on the Internet and find a hotel for the weekend. I'll admit that at first I was a little reluctant, all I could think of was rows and rows of scroll saws. Then I figured, why not, this could be fun and I've never been to Dubuque, besides, whenever I want to go somewhere for a weekend or vacation, the hubster is always willing to go. I couldn't have been more wrong. It wasn't just scroll saws at all. They had classes and a display of some of the most talented artists you'll ever see. They also sold patterns and woods. It was nothing like I had expected. I had a great time. I even bought two scroll saw patterns. I also bought some wood. My first project will be this intarsia sleeping kitty cat then this cute yorkie. The thought had crossed my mind to turn some of my own clipart and applique images into some Intarsia patterns. First things first, I have to practice, practice, and practice so I can make some nice samples.

The tiger in the photo above was my favorite piece from the show but it's quite complicated for a beginner.

While we were there we stayed at the Grand Harbor Resort and Water Park. In the bottom photo you will see what a beautiful view we had from our room. If you ever visit Dubuque this is a great place to stay. You can park your car and walk everywhere. There is a casino (we actually came out ahead for a change) across the street and a cute winery (where we bought a bottle of wine for the room) within a five minute walk down the river walk. 

It was a nice getaway but tomorrow is Monday so it's back to the studio for me.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wedding Weekend

What an exciting weekend! On Saturday I got a new daughter. My son Bryan and his now wife Heidi, were married in a beautiful garden ceremony. Later a reception followed with good food, good friends, family, dancing, and of course spirits! I got an extra treat because I got to have Baby Paige for three nights!

Be sure to notice the bottom of the first photo. Somebody stole the show!
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