Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Turn a Blog Tutorial into a PDF Document You Can Save


Did you know that it's so easy to turn blog tutorials into PDF documents you can save to your computer to view offline? And it only involves a couple quick steps. Gotta love technology!

If you are looking for a particular post such as a recipe, list, or tutorial, you can either click on the tab to that section or do a search on the blog. If you are already on the page you want, perfect!

Make sure that the post you want to convert is the only post selected otherwise you will be saving a lot of posts at once. For example, on my blog, you just click on the title and you'll get just that blog post.

Now that you have chosen your post, just do a Control + P and it will bring up your print window. Normally your printer will be selected in the Destination box, click the little down triangle and choose Save as PDF. If you want to save the entire post, just click Save. Some posts have a lot of comments and other things following the post so you can choose only the pages you want. You'll find that right below the Destination. It will say Pages

Once you've chosen the pages you want, choose Save and then you'll need to save it to a folder on your computer, or you can just save it to your desktop. Make sure you give it a name that you will find when looking for it and that's it! Now your recipe, notes list, tutorial, ideas list, etc... will be at your fingertips when you need it!

TIP: Create a folder on your tablet or computer for ideas and such. Create sub-folders and you can catalog all your ideas in one place for easy access. You can create the sub-folders for such subjects like recipes, petcare, baby tips, etc.

This is especially handy for saving the craft or sewing tutorials because you can load them onto your tablet for easy viewing when you're ready to create the project!

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Saturday, July 15, 2023

Crossing the Canadian Border 2023

After a three month wait for our passports to arrive, my husband and I hit the road for a trip through eastern Canada. We covered locations which are completely different from each other. I'll share some of those experiences later.

There are some major differences between the US and Canada. Some took me by surprise while others made me question why the US doesn't enact them.

The biggest thing I noticed while traveling is how green Canada is. Wherever you see a trash can, you usually see recycling bins next to them. Every hotel we stayed at also had recycling bins next to our trash bins. Another thing I noticed was that there was not a single plastic straw to be found. All the straws we got for our drinks were paper or some other type of biodegradable material. They weren't the icky paper straws from years back that stuck to your lips, they were quite comfortable to drink from. I don't know if the straws in alcoholic beverages are the same because my husband and I gave up alcohol about a year ago, so we didn't use or see those.

Being a serious tea drinker (thanks to Mom’s English blood), I am very picky about my teas. I even carry a couple tea bags in my purse because I refuse to drink the generic icky stuff. Any hot tea I ordered either gave me a selection of teas to choose from or had a good quality brand with my hot water. As for the iced tea, many of the places we ate at only offered sweetened tea. I'm not a fan of sweetened tea so I just stuck to water for those places.

All the areas we traveled through (Eastern Canada) there was a lot of French. Just across the border in Toronto they had signs that had both English and French. It was the same for their TV stations. By the time we got to Quebec, it was all French! Fortunately, the people who live there spoke English and French, so we didn't have any problems getting around. However, all the road signs, menus, TV stations, etc, were all in French. The locals were very helpful though. I will also add that the kilometers were driving my husband nuts when he was driving. He wanted to go 100 mph and I told him that the sign said 100 km per hour, which is about 63 miles per hour. At least in the areas we were at, the speed limit was never over that amount.

That's the general breakdown of the entire trip. I hope you'll stick around for the next four posts where I'll get into the basics about the four general areas where we stayed.

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