Friday, February 13, 2015

Let's Talk Handbags

Those who know me well know that I have an addiction to purses. I feel as if you can never have enough of them. I got several gift cards for Christmas this year so a couple days ago, I ventured out on a search for a purse. This is usually very difficult for me because I can never find the perfect purse. This trip however, I came home with three! As the hubster is reading this in his email, I can see his eyes rolling right now.

While I was searching I was thrilled to find that the tiny, cross body bags are all the rage again. I've never been a big bag person. For the most part I usually carried a medium sized bag. Cross body bags are my absolute favorite. I love the freedom of having both hands free. While I was shopping I found three bags that are much smaller than what I'm used to. The one that I'm using first (black purse on far right) is actually the smallest, in fact some may think of it more like the size of a big wallet.

When I got home I set my purse on my worktable along with my new bags. Even though I don't carry a whole lot, I wondered if I could actually downsize so that I could use these really cute small bags. As I was emptying the contents onto my table, I decided to set aside all the items that I carry around, but never used while I was out and about. What I ended up with was my cellphone, glasses, lip gloss, keys, money, debit cards, an ink pen, and a few Excedrin pain relievers. For the past several years I've carried a camera but since purchasing my new phone (Samsung Galaxy Note) I find that I'm using the camera on that rather than pulling out the real one. It takes great pictures and makes one less thing to carry.

So what is your thought on the perfect purse? Do you like to carry lots of things because you never know what you are going to need, or do you like to carry the bare minimum.
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