Wednesday, February 13, 2013

FREEBIE - Mini Scrap Kit & Applique Patterns!

It's time for another freebie!!! This time my gift is for my sewing and crafting friends, as well as my digital scrapbooking friends.

I've been getting more involved with my Facebook fan page and to celebrate and promote it I'm offering a freebie for my new fans and current fans. For the new ones, just like my page, and you'll get the links to the patterns and graphics. If you are already a fan, you'll still get the link to the downloads.

Just go to my Facebook fan page HERE and click on the green tab that says, "Get Your FREEBIES." It's that simple!

For my scrapbooking friends, you might want to click on my "Love Story" tab when you are finished getting my free gift because that's where you'll find a ton of free graphics from lots of different designers.


  1. very cute and so summery. I'll be dreaming of flip flops and ice cream cone days :)

  2. I'm so ready for summer...these are great!
    A nice way to thank your FB fans :)

  3. Oh it's so nice and refreshing to see summer here! They are great Sher! I am ready for the winter to end and spring to begin!

  4. I fell in love with these sets when you posted them on FB! I wish I could think of something to do with them...I do adore them :)

  5. OMG these aren't the same ones! The others had a dolphin and a whale??? didn't they? OMG Sher! You're killin' me lol! I want I want I want! Them ALLL!

  6. CUTE! I am SO ready for Spring and Summer!!

  7. Love the ice cream cones!!! Bring on the warmer weather! ;-)

  8. It's refreshing to see those warm weather images this time of year! Thanks for the great freebie.


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