Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Grandma Ashton

My grandma died in November of 1971 when I was only 10 years old. I wish I had more time with her because she was a remarkable woman. It is from her that I get the creative gene. She worked at the "craft store of the 60's." It was called the Palette Party Shop. That is where you went to buy your Styrofoam balls, sequins, glue, ribbon, etc. Back then the crafting consisted of Christmas ornaments, and shower favors and decorations. I remember spending the night at her house and she would set up a table in the middle of the living room and my sister and I would sit there with all her supplies and craft for hours! Some of the projects I remember most was little calendars we made for gifts and Christmas ornaments we made from Styrofoam balls, beads, ribbon, and sequins.

I also remember sitting outside of her house and smelling the Lilies of the Valley flowers. She had them running all along the side of her house. It was so long ago but the memories of her and our time together are so vivid as if it were yesterday. I have so many wonderful memories!

She was such a creative woman and I thank her for sharing the love of crafting with me. I know that if she were here today she would be encouraging me to follow my dream and be the best at creating that I could be! I still think about her often and I miss her terribly.


  1. What nice memories to have of your grandmother and how wonderful of her to have shared her love of crafting with you. Her legacy continues!

  2. You have some wonderful memories of your grand! And Sher....if you had brown hair you would look just like her! The resemblance is amazing :D Very beautiful, both of you!

  3. What a lovely post Sher, such a nice tribute to your grandmother! You have wonderful memories of her to cherish always! Beautiful!!

  4. Was a sweet post!

    She is smiling at you now!


    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!



  5. Wonderful post. I was first introduce to sewing by my grandmother. Such fond memories of a wonderful woman.

    Visiting from blogging buddies

  6. What a beautiful photo. I am glad you have such wonderful memories of your grandmother.

    We had lilies of the valley growing along the edge of the porch in the farm house where I grew up. I always loved those flowers, and I was so happy to learn that they were my birthday month flower!

    You are a living legacy to your grandmother--her creative spirit lives on in you.

  7. Nice memories. Your grandmother had such a sweet face.

    Our house is about 100 years old and there are lilies of the valley in our yard (came with the house!). They are easy to overlook, but I love not only the fragrance, but the sweet little bell flowers.

  8. Nice photo!

    What a nostalgic post! Maybe creativity is in the DNA of some people, but I'm sure crafting at her house brings something to it too.

  9. What a great memory. I have good memories with one of my grandmothers; not crafting, but cooking!

    It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

  10. What a great post :) I bet she was one great lady!
    I get my craftiness from two of my aunts :)

  11. I can see the family resemblance between you and your grandmother. Mine was quite crafty also and I credit her with my love of making things.
    Lovely memories you have of her

  12. Lily of the Valley have been favourites in our family for decades. My late mother-in-law grew them and always packed some up (wrapped in damp cotton wool) and posted them to her Mother in time for her May birthday.

    My mother loved them too, and liked the perfume of them too. They bring back great memories for me!

    My real mother died when I was 8 days old: but Mother, as I knew her, was really my aunt and she could embroider - she taught me to sew, and my Ayah (nanny in India) taught me to knit. We're all lucky to have someone prepared to spend the time showing us how - aren't we?

  13. She sounds like a wonderful woman! I definitely get my crafty side from some of the women in my family, too. Thanks for sharing a little about her with us.

  14. A life without grandparents is so empty and sad...

  15. Isn't it too bad that our grandmas get to that really good place in their lives, when we are ready to glean from them, and shortly we lose them. Mine quilted! Thanks for sharing about yours!

  16. Your grandma sounds like a wonderful woman! I know you are thankful for having whatever time you had with her!


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