Monday, March 3, 2014

Project 365 - Week 10

Project 365 - One photo a day for a year. Kind of like a photographic journal of my entire year!

Day 64 - While we were on vacation I had to take care of the babies! Bubba was at the vet (where I fill in occasionally) and Punkie was being watched by me on my surveillance camera. I also had a friend stop by to check on her and freshen her food and water.

Day 65 - Packing for our trip to spend time with family in Florida. It was a spectacular time!!!

Day 66 - The Blues Brothers at Midway Airport.

Day 67 - Birthday brunch with the family.

Day 68 - Birthday party day! This was one crazy party. Must have one crazy family!

Day 69 - Brian bought a had at a gift shop in Clearwater where one of my brothers and his family were staying.

Day 70 -  Strawberry shortcake at the strawberry capital of the world. Yummmmy!

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  1. I like your idea of 365 photo journaling days... keep going! Most of the time when I need camera.... I realizing that it not in my hand:) My favorites so far are from yours - a morning hike posting!

  2. Glad you had some time away in warm and sunny Florida. The birthday girl looks very happy -- family time is special. Love Brian's Indiana Jones hat. And I can almost taste the strawberries. Yum!


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