Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Project 365 - Week 16

Project 365 - One photo a day for a year. It's a photographic journal of my entire year!

Day 106 - Was out shooting photos to use for layering for backgrounds. This one was like hitting the jackpot! You should see the cool effect when I slip it behind a solid color, then put the transparency of that solid color at 80% to 90%. Great effect!

Day 107 - Doing some cutting for my most recent project. My lap desk that Brian made me sure did come in handy so I could watch a movie at the same time.

Day 108 - The beginnings of my Frog & Butterfly mug rug pattern. It was so much fun to work with these fun colors.

Day 109 - I wish this sewing machine had digital read-outs like my other one does. It's easier to jot down a number than to remember where to place the little slides when you find the combination for the perfect stitch size on your decorative stitching.

Day 110 - Easter with the family! We wanted greenery in the background so thank God we had this tree in our yard!

Day 111 - Poor Bubba choked on a dog treat and ended up at the vet. The doctor I work for was out of town so we took him somewhere else.

Day 112 -Took this picture of my neighbor's flowers while we were on our walk yesterday. I don't ever remember them before. She must have just planted them.

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  1. Yay, spring flowers! And an adorable baby. Sorry about Bubba, though, glad he's okay.

  2. Poor little dog! I'm glad that you've been able to get outside and spend time with your family lately.

  3. Poor Bubba, you must have been scared! I hope he's doing ok now.

  4. love those spring colored fabrics you're working with there.
    Poor Bubba. Must have been very scary for all of you.

  5. Oh poor Bubba, it must have been scary! Glad he is fine.


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