Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Walks are Now More Fun!

Sometimes I walk with Brian, but sometimes I walk alone. I'm very committed to my exercise program and my healthy eating. Walking the same roads over and over again can get boring when you don't have anyone to talk to. I've just made it much more fun with my discovery of audiobooks. The first book I downloaded is how to make more sales with Pinterest marketing. Now I can learn while I walk. I have a couple more books that are next in line.

Audiobooks would also be nice to use on the elliptical but since I'm in one place and can actually look at something, I like to watch youtube videos.

Do you exercise? What do you do? Eventually I'm planning on adding some Pilates to my program.


  1. That's a good way to pass the time while walking. I've been very bad about exercising. I was doing really good working out with the Wii but then I had a bad couple days and it went down hill from there.

  2. I am very curious about that book, especially if it has any good tips! I've not been very good at exercising lately but I do ride my bike for about 45 minutes a day, and I try to squeeze in lately walks a couple of times a week.

  3. Great idea listening to audio books! That must make the time fly by. I do yoga in my office via youtube videos. It feels great, especially now having the time to do it every day!!!

  4. Having a distraction is nice while working out. I'm watching the last season of Breaking Bad on NetFlix while on my elliptical. But I love the YouTube video idea!

  5. We listen to audio books on long care trips. My father-in-law likes them so much, he'll sometimes keep driving around to hear a story! I always have the dog along on walks, so I never take along an ipod or anything.


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