Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What a Week!

Sometimes it can be tough to create a balance in life, and I'm still trying to find it. This week was one of those crazy weeks where we got a little bit of everything. 

Resident Fox: Notice what looks like dog prints in the snow. Well, they aren't dog prints, they are fox prints. Yes, we have a fox in the yard now. I noticed him about four or five nights ago when I saw something moving in the snow. I knew it looked too small to be a deer or the coyote, so I ran to the window and there was a really cute fox walking around in the yard. This morning when I took Bubba out, I noticed more of his little prints coming out from under the pool deck, down Bubba's potty path, and into the neighbors yard. Poor Bubba, we have to be so careful taking him out.

The BEST Part of the Week: Of course the highlight of the week was having Baby Paige overnight while mom and dad had a date night. She was so much fun and as usual, she was an angel for us. She loves her Grandpa Brian! She follows him all over the house and when he was on the floor cleaning out the pantry, she decided that cleaning time was not important because it was Paige time so she plopped down in his lap and started pulling bags out of the pantry one by one. She's so darn cute!

Florida Sunshine in a Blizzard: While I was out visiting my mom it started snowing so I decided to head home before it got bad. I decided to take back roads because I refuse to drive on the expressway in snowstorms. After two hours (should only have been one) I finally arrived home and found a box that was sent from my dad and bonus mom. I opened it up and it was full of grapefruits picked fresh! They know how much I love that grapefruit!

Busy in the Studio: A lot of time was spent in the studio this week as well. I was able to get some Valentine mug rugs finished and listed, as well as these bathing suit and burlesque style. Definitely ready to think about summer!


  1. Fox are so cute. Poor Bubba though. Hopefully the fuzzy animal will find a new place to hang out. Paige must have had to much fun "helping" grandpa. Summer can't come soon enough so making summery things can be very helpful. :) Enjoy those freshly picked with love grapefruit!

  2. As a kid, I used to love helping around the house. Unfortunately, doing chores as an adult: not so much fun!

  3. balance is something I have yet to figure out.
    Tell Bubba to stay safe out there :)

  4. Paige is lovely! How wonderful of her to behave at your place and not to cause any trouble. How old is she now?

    ...I am very jealous of your grapefruits. Will buy some today!

    As for the fox, I would love to see one live... not in the zoo... but certainly would not want my dog to contact. There can be a bunch of diseases, who knows.

  5. We have all sorts of critters in our neighborhood, but I don't think I've ever seen a fox! I'd rather have those than the stupid coyotes that come through and scare all of the dogs. :-/

    Little Paige is so cute!

  6. Such an unusual for Florida this cold days past week... I think i even noticed some snowflakes :)... finally first sunshine last day moving me to a right direction! Happy new year Cheryl and many more beautiful days in 2015!

  7. Fresh grapefruit can brighten any day! Love the swimming suit rug mug too :)

  8. I've got too a fox in the yard, here in Dublin they live within the city, it is kind of...folkloristic! The mug rugs are fabulous!

  9. How cute. What a little sweetie.


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