Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Have you ever been to a hot air balloon festival? If you never have, you should research to see if any are near you. I went to my first one this past week, and it was fun, as well as a learning experience. My favorite part was at night when they all lit up their balloons. I got some great pictures and I plan to have some printed to hang in our bedroom.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Battle Creek which was where the festival was held. We always like to stay at those because we've never had a bad experience at one, they are really nice, and they have a really nice complimentary continental breakfast.

Along with the balloons they had an air show too. The best part of that was watching the Raptor. It's the most advanced aircraft for our (USA) military. I'm not even into that stuff and I was completely fascinated by the show as well.

And I even proved the point to myself that you can spend a weekend at festivals and eating on the road without going off your diet!


  1. What a fun outing! Great pics! And congrats for staying on your diet. I should follow your good example.

  2. How fun! We have never been to a festival, but we did take a ride, a private one once in Louisville, it was really fun, kind of fairy-taleish but scary too, I am sure a balloon festival must be awesome! You must have got some really nice shots, love the pictures that you posted here:)

  3. This must have been a blast! I have never been to one either. There is a place nearby that does balloon rides and it was on my bucket list. I have sort of chickened out since when about a year ago there seemed to be too many balloon accidents worldwide (one being in my state). I would love to go to a festival and watch though!

  4. I've never been to a festival like that before! I can imagine it must be very impressive. When I was a kid, you can see many balloons, nowadays I believe they aren't that common anymore.

  5. The evening photo of the balloons is stunning. Sounds like a fun time. We were in Battle Creek once for a kid's gym meet. We took a tour of Kellogg's.

  6. They look so cool all lit up at night! And I love the one shaped like a bear :)
    Was this in Battle Creek, MI? I think my parents have been to this before when they lived in Galesburg!

  7. Yes! There's a hot air balloon festival one town over from us. I went a few years ago and it was incredible to see all of the balloons up close. We got to walk around near them as they were getting filled with air.


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