Thursday, September 3, 2015

A New Spin on Fusible Applique

I actually owe credit for this idea to my husband. He took one of my Christmas towels to his work room without my knowledge and did some experimenting. He cut roughly around the applique and spray glued it to a piece of wood. He then took it to his scroll saw and cut it out as close as he could get to the outside stitching. When he showed it to me I couldn't believe what he did! It was so cute. Instead of getting mad at him for taking my Christmas hand towel and cutting it apart, I gave him a couple of my own appliques to cut out. He came back about 20 minutes later and I was in awe. My creative mind is now spinning!

They look so cute sitting up on a shelf. How cute would this be to drill a hole in the tops and make Christmas ornaments from your holiday appliques! Another cute idea is to make them up for all holidays and make pretty garlands. I've heard of people fusing them to card stock and making greeting cards from them, but this is another fun and creative way to use them. 


  1. You hubby is brilliant! I love how the appliques look cut out. They do make great table top decorations with the wood standing them up. Seeing them lined up there has me thinking of a garland. That would be cute too!

  2. Well isn't he the clever one. Good job. Those are really cute.

  3. What a cute idea, my favourite is the surprised looking cat! And they would make great Christmas ornaments


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