Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sewing For Me and Sharing The Love

I don't make New Year's resolutions because I would never keep them. However, I did decide that 2016 is going to be a year that I am going to sew for myself and my family by making fun things. Designing patterns is and has always been my passion and I'm so lucky to be able to make my living doing so. Back in 1993 when I had my first design published in a magazine this was my dream, and now with the Internet, it is happening.

Since starting my business, I forgot what it was like to sew strictly for enjoyment. No taking photos of progress, no jotting down notes, no making prototypes, and no need for pattern testers. It's all about relaxing and fun sewing. It is so rewarding!

When I say "Sharing the Love" I mean that in two ways. First, all the little gifts and things I'm making for family, and second, showing off my creations from other designer's patterns. Yes, I purchase patterns from other designers, and follow their blog tutorials too!

Most recently I created the items you see in the photo. The Bionic Gear Bag is probably one of the most creative and unique things I've ever seen! As soon as I saw it I knew I needed a couple of them. I made one to keep my everyday sewing supplies in, and another to store my electronic gear such as my point and shoot camera, spare batteries, chargers, flash drives, etc. There's even room in there to stash some of my favorite teas, and other things I'll need when traveling. After I made mine, I made one small adjustment to the pattern (changed up the front tray) and made one for both of my moms. I have a couple more in the works. I hope my family isn't reading this post.

I also whipped up these simple potholders that I found on Stitching With 2 Strings blog. My poor old things were actually wearing so badly that I was burning my hands. These could not have been any easier or quicker. It took more time to choose the fabrics than it did assemble them! I'll be making more, and I'll be making some smaller ones to use as coasters. My folded paper towel on my stone coaster isn't very pretty.

I made up a whole bunch of these little earbud cases or coin purses and gave them to the ladies in my family on a recent trip to the Smokey Mountains.

I don't even know where to begin with all the little snack bags, zipper bags, and other little bags I've been making. As for wristlets, I just listed one and yet I'm still making more. My daughter claimed one of them so I made another one exactly the same, then I thought, I really need more of these!

I spent one day making some cute and personalized labels for my personal and business projects. They came out so cute that I shared them with the So Sew Easy website. You can find the tutorial to make your own right HERE.

BTW....I often find the need for pattern testers. If you would like to be one of my testers, just click the link at the top of the page that says Pattern Testers, or click HERE. I'll be needing them again soon!


  1. I agree it is so easy when "sewing for a living" to forget about yourself and your family. Yes it is nice to not document every stage and sure does make the project go more quickly. Enjoy!

  2. I can totally relate to your comment, "Since starting my business, I forgot what it was like to sew strictly for enjoyment." I definitely need to try some of those ear bud cases. I'm always looking for scrap happy projects. Not much sewing happens during tax season, however.

  3. This year will definitely be fulfilling for you Sher making things for those you love. They are sure to love what you make for them too. There is nothing like a gift from the heart!

  4. What fun projects! I'm glad you've found time to make some things for yourself and your family :)


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