Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sweet Shop Dining Room

So far it's been a productive and fun weekend. The halls are decked and we even found some time to go out and see the new James Bond movie. It was AWESOME! I'm a Bond fan, always have been as far back as I can remember.

Above is a photo of my dining room. I like to do that in my sweet shop theme. This year I did add a few new things such as the gingerbread tree topper, the garland, and the gingerbread napkin rings. I love the look of the pins and napkin rings in my glass dish!

If you like my gingerbread theme, you can visit my shops (linked tabs at the top) because I have LOTS of gingerbread patterns to choose from, including all of the above. Most of them are quick and easy. If you click on my tutorials tab you will find the free patterns to my lollipop ornaments and my gingerbread boy and girl ornaments.


  1. Sounds like you had a very productive and fun weekend Sher, that's great! I love your SWEET Tree! Just adorable and festive and your gingerbread designs are so cute!

  2. Such an adorable sweet shop! :)
    We haven't even started holiday decorating. Still recovering from Thanksgiving I think. ;)

  3. Lovely post. Wow, you sure were busy. And to fit James Bond in too. It was a great

    Your gingerbread pins and napkin rings are adorable.

    Happy Holidays,

  4. I love this theme and the way you have that bay window set up. So pretty!

    I've always been a James Bond fan, too. We kind of grew up with 007 didn't we?!

  5. Your Christmas decor is too cute!

  6. The napkin rings are so cute! My aunt loves gingerbread men and would just love these!

  7. How adorable!! Still working on the gingerbread and hearts garland with my 7th grade buddy. So cute!

  8. so cute! We love making chrismas decorations too :D

  9. Skyfall was very enjoyable!
    Your glass dish arrangement is so cute! And your sweet shop decor as well!

  10. Im glad you had a great weekend =) Your home must be happy, cozy and festive = perfect for the holidays!


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