Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quick Christmas Fix

Our living room is pretty big but we have almost an entire wall taken up by floor to ceiling windows. Since we live out in the country this isn't a problem and we have lots of privacy because the living room is facing the back of the house and there is no one behind us, just woods and cornfields. This does however create a few problems for decorating. We have a large ottoman that matches the couch and loveseat. I like it best at the side of the loveseat but with the tree up, I want lots of space for the tree, decorations and LOTS of presents!

We also have a big entry way that leads to the living room. Brian suggested we put the ottoman there against the bare wall. I like the idea because it's close at hand for any additional seating that will be needed during the holidays when the kids are all here. But that said, it just looked like a big, fat ottoman stuck against the wall. I happened to remember that we had an extra king sized pillow in the hall closet. I decided to make a cover for it that closes in the back with velcro so it can be taken off and easily stored until next year.

I'm actually happy with the way it came out. The last thing I wanted was for it to look like a bed pillow with a bed looking pillowcase. What do you think? I like the way it's a perfect fit for the ottoman too.

Images in the photo are from my "Waiting for Santa" and "Holiday Magic" graphic and clipart sets which are available at my shops.


  1. That is a great fix! It's like a mini daybed!

  2. I love this idea. The pillow is the perfect fit.

  3. The pillow makes it look like such an inviting place to sit! Great fix!

  4. Yes, I love the addition! It dresses it up quite nicely:)

  5. Fits the ottoman perfectly!


  6. I love it as extra seating. We are looking for a large ottoman right now that can function as a coffee table and extra seating when we have lots of guests because our living room is small (so every piece of furniture kind of needs to do double duty). If the ottoman opened up for storage too that would be awesome (triple duty!).
    Hope your appt went ok!

  7. Great idea. The pillow is just the right size, and I like the fabric you chose.

  8. that was a great idea and it looks like it was made for the ottoman

  9. Looks like the perfect resting place for the ottoman, and that pillow is quite handy to add that extra touch!
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