Sunday, December 16, 2012

FREEBIE - Printable Earring Cards

I posted these last year and they were one of my most popular downloads, so I thought I'd bring them back this year for the new followers who might have missed them. 

They are in two different formats. If you want them in JPEG format, I designed them two up on a 4 x 6 sized graphic. That way if you want to have them printed at your photo processing center, you can easily do that. I also formatted them on a PDF file, four on a page. They also have a green border around them so you can make them bigger without losing resolution. You can include a portion of the border on your card. You can of course adjust the size of your print out as well for any size you want. They fit perfectly in those little ziplock bags that are usually found in the beading section at craft stores, or you can use them in a gift box.

For the PDF version, you can download them HERE
For the JPEG version, you can download them HERE



  1. SO cute! Thank you for another fantastic freebie!

  2. Those are adorable Sher!

    Hope you're feeling a bit more ready for the holidays! :) I'm trying to... This weekend is half over already so I best make good use of today! lol!

  3. VERY cute! I'm tempted to buy earrings just to use these. :)

  4. These are so cute! Thanks Sher! You always have the best freebies :)

  5. Perfect for a gift of earrings. So cute.

  6. What a fab idea :D Thanks so much, these will come in super handy!

  7. Really cute! What a fun way to package Christmas gifts. Thanks for posting this great freebie again.


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