Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Preparations

Shopping, cooking, baking, wrapping, cleaning, crafting! Do your days get as busy as mine? Fortunately Doc is out of town so starting next week, I'll get a few extra days off to catch up. I've been busy designing new graphics and patterns. Looking forward to another magazine publication this Spring. 

My son just bought his first house and we moved him in last week. It's a nice house, in a nice area which makes me a happy mom!!! Gotta say, I a bit jealous of that great big kitchen! I think I actually have them talked into having Thanksgiving next year.

Short post today, got to get back to busy. In case you missed my original post, or you forgot, you can still download your free Christmas ornament E-book with nine awesome projects including my lollipop ornaments. You can get yours at All Free Holiday Crafts. Be sure to check out their thousands of other craft projects too. If you like to craft, you'll be putting that site in your favorites!



  1. Busy busy bee! I feel the same way right now! Whew!

  2. Such a busy time of year, it is!!! But it's also so much fun!
    Congrats on your son moving in! I love big kitchens, so I'm imagining it right now...The kitchen I have is a pretty good size, but it's also a dark kitchen. My ideal kitchen would be full of sunshine, but oh well.
    I think I tried getting that e-book, but somehow it wasn't working for me? I'll have to try again later.

  3. You sure are busy! I do feel the same, this is an extra busy time of year.
    It's nice that you will have a few days off! Sounds like your son's house is great, and I'm sure it gives you peace of mind that he has settled in a nice area. I too, would love a big kitchen, always wanted one... One of those things to dream about! Happy Holiday prep time to you Sher!!

  4. Crazy busy time!!
    A big kitchen would be great. The kitchen is the heart of the home -- and also the communications hub at my house (the computer is there!).

  5. Enjoy your time off of work! How exciting for your son. Congrats on your magazine publication! Best of luck with all of your holiday endeavors.

  6. You have presents wrapped! You are so far ahead of me. I have bought presents, cards, and stuff to make cookies...I just haven't gotten that far yet ;P Enjoy your time off, and I am so happy for your son!

  7. Did I hear big kitchen? How lucky!
    Busy it is!!!

  8. Kids should NOT have better kitchens than their mothers. I know you are happy for him to have a house of his own -- congrats to him! Things are busy here, too. I'm even, gasp, sewing (which is very rare!).

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  10. Happy to hear you're busy and with such a good news!!! Have a great time, and a merry christmas!


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