Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sher's Tip - Save Money On Ink

Printer ink is very expensive! Here are three great ways to save on ink.

First, always make sure you print only the pages you need.

Second, when printing pattern pieces, recipes, and receipts, always print your pages using the draft, fast draft, or economy setting. When using this setting, your printer will use the least amount of ink possible to get the job done. You can find both of these settings in the properties, settings, or options box when your printer window appears. I actually have my printer set to this setting as the default so I don’t worry about ever forgetting to do this. I only use half the ink as normal when I use this setting and that adds up to huge savings!

Third, I download the pattern to my e-reader and use it to follow directions and view the step by step photos. Before I had my e-reader, I used my laptop. This way I only print out the pattern pieces that I will be using.

I even store my most used and favorite recipes (or recipes I want to try soon) on my e-reader so I can set it on the kitchen counter when cooking. This saves paper and ink.

Obviously if you are printing out gift tags, greeting cards, or photos, you want an excellent printout. But for day to day printing, you can save a fortune following the tips above!

Thank you to some of my readers who also suggested setting your printer to grayscale. Another great tip to save on your colors!


  1. Thanks for that tip, Sher! Didn't even know there was that option available on any printer, let alone mine. Maybe mine doesn't have it, but will certainly check it out before I next to a print out!

    How are you doing? Haven't seen you here for a while, but then I've been working elsewhere too!

    All the best. Isobel

  2. excellent tips. Ink is expensive so it's good to be able to save as much as you can and keep those cartridges from running out any faster than they have to

  3. These are all great tips! I make sure to select the black and white ink setting unless I absolutely need the colors to save money.

  4. Great tips!
    I always use the "fast" option and "grayscale" when printing basic documents...saves a ton of ink!

  5. Thank you for the great tips Sher! Ink is very expensive and saving money is GREAT!

  6. E Readers are a life saver!! Great tips!

    In case you haven't entered, I'm holding a giveaway today if you would like to take a peek! ;-)

  7. Great tips, Sher! I already use Economy whenever possible, but the idea of printing only the pattern pieces and keeping the instructions on the reader is a fantastic idea. It will save a ton on colored toner!

  8. I've been wondering about having my ink cartridges refilled instead of buying new. I've been scared to try it. Has anyone else done this?

  9. Very good tips! I always use the economy setting, unless it's something important. I also use two different printers. I have a laser printer for my black only printing and then regular printer for color. I found that since I've started printing shipping labels, the laser printer is much more economic for that. I'm not sure about doing cartridge-refill thing. I guess I should give it a try...
    Oh, here's another printing tip (to save paper) - recycle the one-sided sheets by using the backside (if it's an every day, personal use thing that you're printing).


  10. How do you put it on an E-Reader?

    1. That would be if you had a pdf pattern. You can usually read them on most readers.


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