Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kitchen Tips - Sauces & Gravies

One of our favorite things to eat are individual pizzas. The reason I say "individual" is because I like my pizza with low fat ranch dressing, broccoli, tomatoes, and mozzarella, while hubby likes his with pizza sauce, sausage, and mozzarella. If you don't take advantage of your freezer, you will be wasting a lot of food! I do go through my salad dressing soon enough because I eat a lot of salads, use it for dipping veggies, pizzas, etc. But Brian can't possibly eat a whole can of pizza sauce in a safe amount of time eating a small pizza here and there. So I take full advantage of my freezer.

After I open the can and put sauce on his pizza. I simply drop the sauce by spoonfuls onto waxed paper (parchment paper will work too), pop it in the freezer, bag after frozen, and use one or two as I need them. I also have pre-cooked sausage, pre-made crusts, and frozen broccoli in there ready to go.

I always have the pre-made grocery store crusts on hand but if I have some time (usually in winter) I'll make up a big batch of pizza dough, let it rise once, then divide it into individual sized portions and put each in a plastic baggie, and then freeze in one large bag. That's the best! They take very little time to thaw.

I've also found that those silicone cupcake cups are wonderful for freezing small portions of gravy (Brian likes it occasionally, I don't), broth, tomato soup, sauces and anything else you might otherwise waste. Like the pizza sauce, just pop them out once frozen and throw in one big bag.


  1. What a great tip! I had no idea you could freeze pizza sause!

  2. I ditto the other two - I'm actually going to do this with the jar pasta sauce I use! My 4 year old isn't a big "spice girl" so whenever I make a spicy dish for my husband and I, I make her something else (sometimes spaghetti)...I always wind up wasting the jar of sauce because I "think" I'll use it again before I really do. P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I wish YOU luck on the journey too! See you there!

  3. I just made pizza for the whole family the other night! Made the dough from scratch...couldn't believe one batch fed 6 people ( using this recipe - ). I had no idea you could freeze it though! Great tip for future reference. :)

  4. Premade pizza toppings sounds like a wonderful idea. For the crust, since we like it thin,I cheat big time. I use flour tortillas. The are so good, and quick! Thanks for the tips!

  5. What a great idea freezing the pizza sauce in spoonfuls! It probably thaws super quick. And freezing the pizza dough in individual bags, then in a large one! No sticking together after they are frozen- awesome! I love tips that make life a little easier!

  6. I like the sound of your pizza. I've never had one with ranch instead of pizza sauce but I bet it tastes great.
    with just two of us here it's hard to use up everything so I put stuff in the freezer a lot. My big problem is I forget about it and end up buying more

  7. This. Sounds. Great.
    Thank your for sharing the tip! Oh.. Can I have a piece of your pizza??


  8. Such good tips! Thank you! I smacking myself in the head like, Duh!! I think we sometimes don't see the obvious things.


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