Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chocolate and a Busy Week Ahead

I'm preparing for one of the busiest weeks this year. I'm organized, I have a plan, and I'm happy about all of it. But it would be so nice if I could take time off work this week. But I can't, so I will move ahead. Tonight I will print out one of my weekly planners and start filling in the boxes.
My daughter will be arriving Wednesday from Delaware and I'm so excited! I've missed her so much. She will be staying with us Wednesday and Thursday nights. Sometime in the next couple days I'll prepare the guest room and the guest bath while I anxiously await their arrival. There will also be lots of baking, cooking, and grocery shopping for the Thanksgiving holiday. I've been asked to bring potatoes and dessert for the big celebration at my Sister's house. They always like me to bring desserts (see photo above).

I've got about an hour left on crafting a new pattern. It's a felt Christmas stocking for your pets. Naturally Bubba and Punkie will get these for Santa to fill this year. I think they are one of my favorite projects so far. I still have to write it up and edit photos. I'm planning on having all that done by Tuesday night so I can concentrate on the holiday. My most recent pattern was featured on Linda B's Blog today along with some other really cool Christmas ideas. Stop by and say Hi!

I'll also be decorating the house next Saturday and Sunday. I can't wait to see how my sweet shop tree looks! And of course I'll be posting a picture.

Well, off to play catch up on the computer now before bed...


  1. Your goodies look so yummy! No wonder you are asked to bring dessert! MMMMM!

    Have a great Thanksgiving, and a wonderful visit with your daughter and family!

    Ha! I have pet stockings, too...and Zach and Bree know exactly what to do with what is inside of them!

  2. Have a great, if busy, week! That chocolate looks yummy :)

  3. All that chocolatey goodness in that picture is giving me a serious craving :)
    Enjoy the time with your daughter and try to fit a little relaxing time for yourself in there somewhere

  4. Have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your daughter's visit. Send me a box of chocolates too!!!

    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies


  5. You are so organized! I'm sure you can get it all done and work. I'm looking forward to seeing that "sweet shop tree."

  6. I can see why they ask you to bring dessert!!!
    Good luck on getting it all done...your planner will help a ton!

  7. Your desserts look delish! I have to clean my studio out of my dining room so we can all eat in there!Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving with lots of food and family!

  8. Good luck with all of your holiday preparations! It sounds like it will be a great week.

  9. YoUr chocolate goodies look amazing. Sounds like you have things under control, I guess it helps that your organized;) have a great week and hope you enjoy spending some time with your daughter.

  10. This week is really busy for me too! I have to do all of my usual shop work, make some jewelry at warp speed for a store owner who wants stock in time for Black Friday, travel for Thanksgiving, and then decorate in time to write a guest post about it for a blog I love. Whew!

  11. Your chocolate goodies look amazing! Yum!! Sounds like you are very busy, and how wonderful to have your daughter with you for the holiday!! Looking forward to your Sweets Tree! :) Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving Sher!


  12. You know you're speaking my language with those chocolate goodies! Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Sher, Love that quote! Chocolate is my one weakness! Have a great Thanksgiving! I also wanted to tell you I have nominated you for an award. Please visit my blog for the details! When you have time!
    ~ Diane

  14. Have fun with your daughter coming in town and decorating. It is a lot of work with toddlers around but it is worth it when they keep exclaiming about the things.

    It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

  15. I can see why they ask you to bring dessert!!


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