Sunday, December 4, 2011

Unfair Santa

There is sits, in the corner of the bedroom. I walk past it, dust near it, and move it when I want to get into one of my drawers. But I can't open it! It's the new sewing machine I'm getting from Santa which arrived over a week ago. I want to get it out and play with all the decorative stitches and see what changes Singer has made in 20 years since buying mine. But I can't! I must just look at the box. Kinda reminds me of a story.

And the box on top, yep, for me too. But I have no idea what it is. My husband tortures me!

Years ago when the kids were little they bought me one of those counter top apple peelers. Well, actually I bought it and they wrapped it and put my name on it. I was making three apple pies for a party and I realized that was a lot of apples to peel. No one was home so I went over to the tree, unwrapped the apple peeler and used it for the many, many apples. I washed it up and re-wrapped it. It would have taken forever to peel all those apples by hand! I did however confess many years down the road.

OK, well I'm off for now. I'm planning a productive day. I'll visit you all at some point today when I take my little breaks. Hope you are all having a great weekend.


  1. That's so funny! I do the same EXACT thing every Christmas. I very rarely don't know already what I'm getting and several times have started christmas a few days early.

  2. Oh dear, that must be so difficult Sher, having to walk past those boxes, yet not open and use them!! And LOL about the counter top apple peeler, that's funny!! :)

  3. I think Santa would want you to open it early :) I'd HAVE to! Or i'd have to hide it!

    That's too funny about the peeler!

  4. That's too funny! I wouldn't be able to stay away from the sewing machine. That would just be torture!

  5. I know exactly how you feel because my gift has arrived, I know what it is and it just sits there taunting
    Love your story about the apple peeler, that's hilarious

  6. Haha! That is extreme torture!

    Very funny about the apple peeler ;o
    You know if you take that machine out of the box it is never going back in perfectly...just sayin' LOL!

  7. My son unwrapped, took the Nintendo cartridge out, re wrapped the box. I never knew, they even played the game in front of me. I found out years later when punishment was out of my hands!

  8. ha ha! Your apple story is hilarious! So! You haven't yet unwrapped that sewing machine now, have you?!!

  9. I love your tutorial on the gingerbread ornaments. I don't know how you can just pass by Mr. Singer and not want to play with those new features lol.


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