Thursday, March 29, 2012

Favorite Mobile Apps

I am loving my new smartphone! The only thing it doesn't do is wash the dishes. I can't believe that it took me this long to finally get one. I've had it about a month now and I'm still learning it. What else do I love about it? I love the many apps you can download free to keep your life organized and at times, entertained. I'll share with you my favorite apps and what I like about them. If you have any favorite apps, I'd love to hear about them. I didn't include the links because there are different phones out there. If you are interested in one of them, just google the name and the type of app you want and you'll be sure to find if whether you want Iphone, Android, Ipad, or whatever you need.

SparkPeople: This is my favorite of all! I'm using it to record my food and my exercise. I find that if I have to log it, I won't cheat. It's keeping me on track. My favorite part about this app is that it has every kind of food in it's database that you can imagine, including name brands. I can also add my own and keep them in my favorites. It only takes a minute or two to log food, weight, and exercise.

AnyDo: This is a simple To Do list. It has 4 sections from top to bottom are Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, and Later. Very simple.

InkPad: This is a handy little note keeper. You can have as few or as many notes as you want. Great for keeping track of your Christmas gift list, clothing sizes, medications you're on, etc.

WeeklyAds: This is the ultimate! You just scroll to your state, then city, then pick a store. It has all the weekly ads for your area. Great for anyone who likes to see what's on sale and where.

Love my banking apps! I can check my balance, pay bills, transfer funds, and everything. It's also much quicker than using my computer.

PayPal has a great app too! You can do all of the above right from your phone.

JoAnn's, Amazon, & Michael's: Great for shopping. JoAnn's and Michael's have electronic coupons. Just show the phone to your cashier and she'll enter your number into the register for your discount. Used my 40% one today! JoAnn's also has their ad that you can browse.

YellowBook: Great one if you need to find a phone number quick.

SugarSync: This is wonderful! I can store all my downloads for my graphic & pattern business at their site. Then I can send them the file right from my phone. This will be especially helpful for those times that we go out of town. I'll have the laptop if I need it, but this will be much easier because I won't have to boot up the laptop. Plus, we go places (Northern Michigan) where we don't have Internet access all the time.

The Weather Channel: This is another good one. I can keep an eye on the weather when we have storms coming. I can also bring up the radar quickly.

JuiceDefender: This is a great battery saver. It turns off your Internet when the phone is in the lock position among other things. These phones can suck up the battery if you don't take certain steps to save some power.

YouTube: This is just fun. I don't use it too much. It is nice to have though for those times that you are stuck waiting for something or someone. Nice time killer when you can't do anything else.

Direct TV: This is helpful because this is our TV service. I can look up anything quickly that I might want to watch and get information. Plus, when you have so many channels,  you can never remember what is on what number.

Various Recipe Apps: These are great when you are trying to find something different for dinner. Even greater when you aren't home and have to stop at the store to pick up ingredients.

GoogleMaps: This is great! I'll never get lost again. We have a GPS in my husband's car but now I'll always have mine. I did buy a car charger because this thing is a major battery hog.

GoogleReader: I did forget to mention it above, but this is a great one too. I love the way the blogs appear on the phone.

So that's my list of favorites. Do you have any?


  1. Hubby just got a smart phone last week. Although he still curses it, I'm sure he will love it soon! I love my phone with the slide out qwerty keyboard. It makes texting so much easier. I'm not about to trade up just yet!

  2. I am just now getting used to my iPhone and love it!! I am going to check out some of your favorite apps, I think they would be my favs too. I especially want the Michael's app! Thanks for this great post!

  3. I think I only have like 2 apps on my phone...LOL!
    But you have such a great list of USEFUL apps to check them out!

  4. What! I had no idea Michael's and JoAnn had apps! Downloading right now!

  5. ...So now we have just to find out how to make it wash the dishes - that remain an open question!

  6. Ok, you're just bragging! :) I still don't have a smartphone. I just can't bring myself to pay the extra $30 per month Verizon charges for the data plan. So, yeah, I'm pretty jealous!

  7. I don't have any apps on my phone and rarely even use it. I have quite a few on my kindle though. I wonder if the Joanne one is available on kindle

  8. You are WAY ahead of me in the techie department!

  9. I've only downloaded a couple of apps! Thanks for showing all these others that I did not realize were available to me. WooHoo! I know what I'm doing tonight...sad, I know..

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