Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Love Color!

While shopping for fabric lately I've noticed an area where I've change in my old age. Although there have been many changes in my tastes, one of my biggest changes is my use of color. I used to be a soft, muted tone kind of girl. Lately, while fabric shopping and designing, I've noticed that I've become a "Big Bold Color" kind of girl. And I like it!

Above is just a small representation of the fabrics that I've purchased recently. I went crazy at JoAnn's 99 cent fat quarter sale a couple months ago as you can see in the photo above. Yesterday I came home with the four fabrics also shown. I was so drawn to them. I bought two yards of each. I think I'm going to make some little zipper bags out of them. I love making quick little projects and I plan on making some things to put away for Christmas, as well as designing some new patterns.

My question to you is.....what kind of things would you make from fun and colorful fabrics?

Palette and floss images in the photo above are from my "Crafting Fun" and "Painting Party" Graphic and Clipart Kits which can be found at my Etsy Shop, Clipart Shop, and Website.


  1. Hi there Sher!

    Have been missing from the blogging scene recently - husband died very suddenly, and just as I'd got home after the funeral, within 5 days I was back to my daughter's home in Nottingham (where Peter left us) because she had broken her leg and needed help walking dog, house keeping etc. et al. Hope to back to "normal" sometime after July 23.

    Meanwhile, answering your question: I could see me making dresses for my lady Cuddlies with all the latest fabrics you've got! Especially the prints.

    Cheers. Isobel

  2. I love to make pillows and hair bows with fun colorful fabrics!

  3. I recognize many of the fat quarters and your fabric choices from my daughter's paper piecing projects. She has TONS of these in a variety of colors, but lots of bold and brights.

    If I took the time to sew more....I would make some summer dresses and outfits.

  4. I make small bags and herbal sleeping pillows!

  5. I would rather be playing with beads than fabric, but I still use a lot of bright colors.

  6. I've seen some cute key fobs recently that I've been wanting to make.

  7. I LOVE the bold colors you've chosen Sher!! I can imagine all the fun things you'll create with them.

    To address your question, I work with clay, not fabric... But I have made some fun mixed media cards using different fabrics and I have also used fabric to create dresses on a few of my clay pieces. My grandmother always tried to teach me to sew, and I have made some things... I LOVED to watch her create with her sewing machine, but never was as much into it as she had wished I would be.

  8. What to make? What to make? So many choices! I would also make zipper pouches and bibs and bright buntings, I think. I'm also getting bolder in my color choices.

  9. I'm a fan of bright bold colors as well :)
    My tastes have changed as well. I used to like blue and yellow best and now I'm all about pink and purple :)

  10. I've always been attracted to bright colors. Love them and I really love your choice of colors. I try to challenge myself with soft tones once in a while.

    Quilts, of course!

  11. I don't sew much anymore, but I do crochet with a lot of bright, fun colors of yarn!


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