Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Parade Anyone?

My daughter is in town so my parents wanted to take her and her husband out to dinner at one of their favorite restaurants. Since Brian was working I thought it would be fun to invite myself, so I did. It was a Thai restaurant and I've never been to one before. I must say, the food was quite different but so flavorful and delicious! And don't you love that window the kids were standing in front of? It was a bunch of wine corks behind glass! So cute!

The plan was to head back to my parent's house for a short visit before the hour drive back to my house. We get out of the restaurant and there are squad cars blocking the main road, which would be the road that takes us home. They direct us across the street into a subdivision that has one way in and one way out. Both of those exits are on that main road where they were having their parade. There we were, stuck for over an hour, in the heat, stuck! We spoke with the police officer and was told that we basically had no options. So we watched the parade. We made the best of it and got a few pictures. We also got free t-shirts from a Chevy dealer. My daughter was even invited to join an aerobics pole dancing class. No way! Not my little girl! OK, she's almost 27, but still... We did see horses, they were cool!

Lesson learned: When your bladder tells you that you should visit the ladies room before you leave the restaurant, go there! I thought I had a quick 15 minute drive back to mom's house. I was so wrong!


  1. Glad you were able to make the best of it and enjoy more time with family :)

  2. Although aggravating to be held up (or even held hostage!) by a parade, at least it was something fun, and not something dire that was holding up traffic. I can't imagine watching a parade in this summer heat. UGH!

    Great pics, and cute kids!

    Did you try the glass noodles????

    Having a wimp for a bladder, I always visit the ladies room before leaving anywhere!

  3. Sounds like you had a fun day out with your family despite the heat!
    The winecork wall is awesome :)
    I love the coriander in Thai food!

  4. I've never heard of anyone being held captive at a parade before....lol Sounds like you had a good time anyway. Happy 4th of July

  5. Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your time with your daughter.

  6. Even though the parade wasn't in your plans, it sounds like you enjoyed! Have a great visit with your daughter and family, and Happy 4th of July!! :)

  7. How fun to have your daughter in town! I'm glad that things have still be going well even if not quite as planned. I love the wine corks, too. Very neat.

  8. Not the best way to have to view a parade, but cute pics none-the-less! ;-)

  9. Well, it took me way too long to locate the cork wall because I was looking for...kids:)

  10. ha ha! yes! Always visit the ladies room--you just never know!
    a free, unscheduled, undesired parade! It looks like it was fun anyway. You got some great photos! Thanks for sharing your pretty daughter--and her hubby-- with us!
    I love Thai food! The first time I had it was on a trip while in Denver. Just like all cuisines, not all Thai food is the same. I'm glad you enjoyed yours!


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