Friday, November 16, 2012

Share the Love

In the short time I've been selling at various Internet shops, I have come across the best people in the world! Many think of other sellers as their competition, but it doesn't have to be that way. I've made quite a few friends and have come across some unbelievable talent. I've also been inspired by many of them as well. I thought it would be fun to "share the love" and introduce you to some of them. There are quite a few on my awesome people list so I thought I'd start with two's.

Trina makes the most beautiful cake toppers for all occasions. She gets a lot of custom orders and I can see why. The incredible detail she puts into these little cuties is just the beginning. She will customize your cake topper to fit your guest of honor's personality, hobbies, sports, pets, anything. I have seen some of the requests she has gotten, and some are challenging as well. She delivers exactly what they want with a one of a kind item they won't ever get any place else. Definitely a keepsake to treasure. My personal favorites are her animals. They have the cutest faces!

Trina's blog
Trina's Etsy shop

Next we have Della. The things she does with shells will amaze you! Most of her pieces, with the exception of the masculine collection, are so soft and feminine looking. She has a unique way of pairing beads, charms, and other fun things with the shells to create these beautiful jewelry and accessory pieces. Every time I see a new piece of hers, I can just imagine what kind of clothing it would look great with. A lot of her pieces are so elegant, they remind me of something you would only see in a high end store in the city. In the piece above you will see what I mean when I mentioned how she has the unique talent of putting just the right elements together.

Della's blog
Della's Etsy shop


  1. Awwwww Sher, thank you and what a surprise! This made my day!

    I clicked over to Trina's shop from her blog.... and she's already in my favorite shops :) She is an amazing clay artist. I love her creations!

  2. Thank you so much Sher, I am truly honored! What a wonderful surprise!!

    I visited Della's shop and blog too, and love her jewelry, each piece is so unique! Thank you for introducing her to us.

    Thank you Della, for your kind words about my work!!!

  3. P.S. ~ As you know Sher, YOU were MY inspiration for this happy Gingerbread couple!! Thank you for the inspiration!!!!

  4. What a nice post! The cake toppers are adorable, and the shell jewelry is amazing.

  5. How sweet of you to share these shops...they're both great!

  6. Neat stuff. The little gingerbread people are really cute.

  7. Yes, I agree! My experience has been a positive one with other sellers willing to share experiences and provide encouragement. The shops you have featured are wonderful and your shop is amazing as well!

  8. I can see why you like these two stores - great items!

  9. Lovely items, and kudos for sharing other sellers. Great post!

  10. You're absolutely right that fellow online sellers do not always have to be competition. I have made so many amazing friends through Etsy who have become customers as well as promoters and general networks. Spreading the love is always a great way to show some appreciation for a few of these wonderful people.

  11. So cool! Both great and I stinkin' love those cupcake toppers!!!


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