Thursday, January 24, 2013

2 Questions About Your Free Printable Calendars

As many of my readers know, every month I make you a calendar page that you can save to your computer, add your own picture behind, and print. Last year I made them all in 5 x 7 size. This January, someone suggested I do it an a 4 x 6. I personally like the 5 x 7.

This is your calendar page so I want to make it how you like it!

What I want to know from you are two things:

1. Do you prefer 5 x 7 inches, or 4 x 7 inches?

2. Would you also like one (or prefer) one that you just print. I know a lot of my readers don't scrapbook and would probably prefer not to add their own photo. Would you like me to make one where you just download and print?

Comment, email me, send me a message via my facebook fan page, any way you want. 

February calendar is just a few days away.


  1. The snowman looks so joyous. We haven't had a single snowman in our area this winter. We've had less than two inches all winter!

  2. Cute January Calendar! I must say I like both sizes, and, occasionally like
    a larger size 8 x 10.
    I also prefer just the print/illustration and not add photos.
    But that is just me.

    Happy January,

  3. I also like both sizes, and would love to be able to just click print. and not have to add photos :)

    You are too kind Sher!!!

  4. What a cute snowman. I'm with the others in liking the just print, not adding photos. I actually like the 4x6 size though

  5. That happy snowman makes me smile! I prefer 5x7, but 4x6 might be handy (desk size). I'd also like one to just print without adding photos.

  6. So cute! And it is very nice of you to ask which size people would prefer. The calendar is generous as it is! ;-)

  7. I like the 5x7 size with the openings for photos! But, I'm happy to use whatever size you make.
    Thanks for sharing.



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