Saturday, July 27, 2013

Christmas Traditions

As we are bringing our Christmas in July to a close, with only a couple posts left, I thought it would be fun to share our favorite Christmas traditions. Maybe we'll find a new one we'd like to try!

Christmas brunch with Mimosas have always been a tradition in our family. My mom started them in our family when we were young. I've carried that tradition with my own kids. The nice thing about brunch is that a lot of the work can be done the night before so you can enjoy Christmas morning without so much rushing around.

Another tradition is one that the kids grandpa started when they were little. Every year, along with their presents, he would give them each a stack of lottery scratch-off tickets. He has since passed, but I have continued that tradition in his memory.

And of course there is the tradition of Christmas baking, and one cookie that always finds its way to the oven is my Grandma Ashton's Sugar Cookies. They've been a family favorite for years! 

So please tell me about your traditions!


  1. Christmas traditions are so special, creating so many wonderful memories! One of our favorite Christmas traditions is baking Christmas cookies together, all different kinds of cookies. The most fun for the kids, especially when they were little, are the frosted sugar cookies... They get so creative with them!! :)

  2. Sweet picture, all curled up on the corner of the Christmas quilt!!

  3. I love Christmas! One of my traditions is to always make fresh cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner - even if I don't cook anything else I always have to make the sauce! There are lots of old Christmas ornaments from when I was little that I still have to put on the tree every year - like some little mice dressed up as Father Christmas. My mum can't believe I kept them and still use them!

  4. not too many traditions around here. My kids have to divide their time and schedules being what they are things just sort of end up in the air.

  5. In the last years, as expat, Christmas has meant rush! Very disappointing! But I remember the joy of opening the gifts and sitting together for the mythological christmas lunch my mom would cook every year, totally a treat, unforgettable!

  6. The only Christmas tradition that has survived all the changes in our lives and the lives of our adult children is this: Going to church late at night on Christmas Eve, with the church decorated in poinsettias and candles, and singing all the wonderful old Christmas carols.

  7. Christmas brunch and playing scrabble. Great to see your dog likes your work too!

  8. How cute! I love the idea of brunch with mimosas. That sounds amazing!

    My mom always made scrambled eggs with cream cheese and chives on Christmas morning. They are SO good. She scrambles the eggs with chives, and then puts all these chunks of cream cheese in with them.

  9. cute dog on a cute quilt!
    One tradition we had when my kids were growing up was to open one present the night before. It was usually new pajamas, a few times made by me!


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