Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mimosa Recipe

I actually feel quite silly naming this post "Mimosa Recipe" because it's really not much of a recipe. You simply mix equal amounts of orange juice and champagne (or sparkling wine).

Mimosas have been a family tradition for our Christmas brunch for as far back as I can remember. Even as a youngster my mom would fill a wine glass about an inch high with some Mimosa. I carried on that tradition with my own kids. No they are both in their 20's and they always come over for Christmas brunch and the first thing they do is fill a glass of Mimosa. 

Then my personal tradition is to come home after the family parties and finish what's left!

On a different note: Be sure to check back tomorrow because I'm participating in another Digital Designers Team hop. The theme is BABY! There will be all kinds of fun and cute free goodies. It's a virtual baby shower and you get the presents!


  1. Well, recipe or not, your aweseome Christmas tradition is definitely worth sharing. =0)

  2. YUM! I just had a couple of these the other day on the river :)

  3. I bet these would taste very good.

  4. Your personal tradition sounds like a winner!


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