Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Wedding Weekend to Remember

Do you have little trinkets or items that you can never part with because every time you see them, they remind you of something or someone so very special? That's what the wine bottle opener represents for me. Whenever I use it I'm reminded of a very fun and special day spent in San Francisco with my daughter and her fiance the day before we all made the long but beautiful drive to their wedding ceremony at Yosemite National Park.

We were shopping for a bottle of wine to take to our room. Since we flew out there, we didn't have an opener. We stopped at my favorite place in San Francisco, Boudin Bread, and purchased one along with our wine. Since we brought carry-on luggage, I didn't think we'd be able to take the corkscrew on the plane home, so Elyse and Mike brought it home to us. They were on a three week road trip during their stop to get married along the way.

That was one fantastic weekend! Every time I open a bottle of wine, I see little glimpses of that trip in my mind.

By the way, I also bought the apron you see in the lower photo!

Wine graphic in the image can be found in the "A Little Vino" clipart kit that is available at Etsy.


  1. I'm a trinket person! I used to have a bookcase FULL of little trinkets and treasures. I still have some of them, and each one is a memory of a moment - funny, sad, whatever it may be. =0)
    I'm glad that they were able to bring it back home to you!

  2. I love trinkets, and I have trouble to throw things away (but I have a small appartment, so I can't keep everything), the most precious ones are framed.

  3. Sweet memory and cool opener too!


    I have a house full of "trinkets with memories" LOL Maybe that's how we keep our memory!?!

  4. Wonderful memory and a unique corkscrew!

  5. What a great (and useful) memento to have from that weekend :)

  6. Love the fishy shape of this opener!

  7. I know what you mean. I have countless items I can't part with that would all but meaningless to anyone else. I visited San Francisco a couple of years ago and I absolutely loved it. I hope I can go back some day.


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