Thursday, September 26, 2013

Smart Fabric Storage?

I was so excited when the built-in shelving was complete in my sewing studio! I couldn't wait to see all my colorful fabrics and supplies. Now after working in it for over a year, I'm having my doubts about the exposed storage of my fabrics. The room only has one window which faces the north, so it doesn't get direct sunlight. I'm still concerned about my fabrics fading and accumulating dust. I have put a list of pros and cons together and let me know what you think.

While I'm working at my table, I turn around and there is all my fabric!
I can see what I have and what colors I'm running low of at a glance.
It's so very handy to have it within an arms reach away.
I love how it adds bright and cheery color to my studio.
I really believe that it saves me time.
I don't have to clutter my work surface with piles of fabric.

Cons (only one):
I worry about fading and dust accumulation.

Lots of pros, but one important and big con. What is your opinion? I already have canvas drawers in my closet that would fit my fabrics (file style) so I can see everything without having to remove all of them to get to one fabric. 

I'm so torn over this decision!

Images in the photo above can be found in "The Sewing Studio" graphic and clipart set available at Etsy.


  1. Love it

    Recommend clear vinyl flaps to keep dust off


  2. That would be a very convenient way of storing your fabric and it is very colorful but I see what you mean about dust and fading. Christie's idea is good or maybe even some kind of clear door on the shelves.

  3. Is there a way to add glass doors? They look too pretty to be stuffed away!

  4. Congrats on your studio updates! I feel like I need one too! I'm agree on the dust though! But I hope it will sells quicker then able to collect dust!

  5. I use open shelf storage for my fabrics and have not had problems with fading or dust accumulation. But if it is a worry, how about adding doors or curtains to your shelving unit to protect your fabric, but still keeping it accessible?

  6. Living in the country, I have the same concerns about dust... Although I don't work with fabric, I do work with clay and want to see the colors I have at a glance, but can't have them out in the open. I have my clay stored in clear plastic containers, one for each similar color and it works great. I know what you mean about wanting to see what fabric you have at a glance, and the storage you have does keep your workspace clear... Maybe some kind of clear doors, as Ann suggested would work. Your pros sure do outweigh the one con, that's always a good thing! :)

  7. My mom has a similar set up with one north facing window and exposed fabric storage, and she hasn't had any issues. (She's been in that space nearly 7 years.) I'd check with other sewers to see if they've had issues with fading or dust accumulation. I think LeAnn's right that curtains would be an easy, inexpensive solution that would keep the fabric accessible.


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