Saturday, May 24, 2014

Info on Bubba

First, thanks to all who commented and emailed me about Bubba. We have high hopes that he will be fine, but with his situation, you never really know. He gets bladder stones and has had two surgeries because of them, and he's been blocked a few times which required emergency visits to the vet. The last surgery was an emergency because stones were stuck in the urethra which caused a major blockage. Doc was able to remove them but there was so much damage and necrotic tissue (dead tissue) that the opening never closed all the way. This hasn't been a big problem until recently when he started leaking from that opening. He really has no control over it. However, with all that said, he's a very lucky dog. Most dogs with that severe of a blockage, and that much damage to the urethra, plus so much necrotic tissue, don't survive.

For the past few years he's been on prescription food which should keep the stones at a minimum but we still see small stones occasionally.


  1. He's a tough little guy and oh so cute.

  2. This sounds so uncomfortable and painful. I hope the prescription food can eliminate the stones. It certainly hasn't affected his shiny coat.

  3. Poor guy! Hope the foods helps and Bubba will be back to his old self again.

  4. Sending happy thoughts for Bubba! Poor little guy!

  5. Poor Bubba! It's so hard seeing loved ones suffer, especially our pets. I'm glad he made it through the emergency surgery and am sending good vibes your way.


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