Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Get Ready for Some Cuteness!

What a storm we had last night! We lost Internet for 18 hours but we didn't lose power. Every other year we would have lost power by this time, several times, and for long periods of time. But the year we have a whole house generator installed, we never lost it.

I put this cute little picture together of my beautiful granddaughter who I refer to lovingly as Baby Paige. Can you stand the cuteness?


  1. Oh she is adorable. Is that the new way to potty train.....lol

  2. Just adorable. I love her smiles.

  3. Oh my! Paige is so adorable! The toilet picture is a riot. My neighbors in my old neighborhood bought a generator after a year with an ice storm when our area was without power for 4 days. Well, the power was never lost after that. Isn't that the way!


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