Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Project 365 - Week 28

Project 365 - One photo a day for a year. Kind of like a photographic journal of my entire year!

Day 190 - Babysitting baby Paige! Once again she was an angel for her Nana. She loves to pull every single toy out of her toy basket one at a time. Love her!

Day 191 - Another favorite green bean recipe. So delicious!

Day 192 - Love my healthy version of a pizza. Reduced fat Ranch dressing for the sauce, then top with small tomato pieces and cooked broccoli florets. Top off with some low fat or fat free mozzarella. Guilt free and delicious!

Day 193 - First time I've used my Clover seam presser. Worked great and saved me a lot of time.

Day 194 - Punkie taking over daddy's chair.

Day 195 - Microwave is finally fixed! Brian took the other one back to work and I have my counter space back.

Day 196 - Spent the day shopping at the Lighthouse Outlet Mall with my step-mom. We had a great time! Of course Carters was our first stop where we picked up a few little items for baby Paige. I even signed up for the grandma club where grandmas get a discount on Wednesdays!

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  1. ...I want that pizza!!! Have a nice day!

  2. I've got a pizza in the freezer, but I bet yours taste much better!

  3. I've been hungry for pizza for over a week now. I think I need to do something about it :)

  4. Paige is so cute as always. I must try ranch dressing on pizza. That sounds delicious!

  5. aaww...Paige is sweet!
    Pizza looks yummy.
    a Clover seam presser! looks like a great tool.


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