Thursday, August 28, 2014

How Many of You Remember the Old Days?

What an exciting age we live in! Back when I was a stay at home mom and I needed some inspiration or wanted to make some gifts or holiday decorations, I loaded up the kids and headed to the library. I would easily spend a whole morning there looking through books and magazines. I'd make copies of patterns and check out loads of books. I would do the same thing for recipes, nature photography, and decorating. I even went as far as bribing picking up the kids a Happy Meal on the way home since they were really good.

At the present time I've been posting quite a few tutorials on my Facebook page, as well as my Pinterst boards. Many of these, I actually plan to make. Some sooner than others. There are some brilliant and creative people out there and I thank them all for sharing these fun projects and ideas with us.

I also remember my old designing days. Back in 1993 when I had my first pattern published, I had to type it up on a typewriter, then ran to the library to make myself a copy before mailing it in a self addressed, stamped envelope. But not before I had to buy film, load it in my camera, take photos, hope they were great, and take them for developing. In the earlier days, they didn't even have 1 hour developing. Today, all my publishers accept emails and digital photos.
We are so lucky to live in an age where there are tutorials (free and to purchase) at our fingertips! Oh boy! I'm going to be busy!


  1. Every one of those books looks familiar. :-). In fact, your entire story is familiar. (Except for the publishers part). A trip back to old school.

  2. Yes, I remember those days. It's much easier to get info now, but it was a fun time back then, too.
    Laura from the etsy blog team

  3. When you stop and think about it the good old days may have been good but no so easy compared to all the things we have today to make our lives easier. Can you imagine what new technology will be around in another 20 years?

  4. Wait until you try to explain to Paige about typewriters, photocopying and cameras with film!! My 24 y.o. granddaughter has no memory of pre-cellphone or pre-laptop times never mind the advent of TV. We have some interesting conversations ;-D

  5. The memories! I loved the library! I was still going up until recently to take out DVDs and CDs to put on my ipod. I remember 1993 well since I was in my first year of college with my Wang typewriter. A couple of years later I moved into a dorm where my roommate had a PC. I started to learn word processing then! Life is so much easier, yet somehow more complicated today!

  6. Well I don't know. I regularly still hit the library with my little in tow (they're six and three respectively) to get me some inspiring books. There's something to be said for the whole ritual, then the books in hand once I'm at home with them. And I pick up happy meals for the kiddos too!

    I'm sure I'm the exception to the rule, esp. for the under-forty category I'm in...

  7. With ever changing technology, things sure have gotten easier over time, that's for sure! But the good old days do bring such wonderful memories!!!


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