Monday, August 11, 2014

Recycling - Doing My Part

I was listening to my favorite talk radio station (WGN-Chicago) several days back and they were talking about plastic grocery bags. They are trying to pass something (or maybe they already did) so that within the next couple of years, they will be done away with. I thought it sounded like a great idea! They do so much more harm to the environment, as well as the wildlife than people can even imagine.

So, I've decided that every grocery shopping trip I'm going to pick up a few reusable ones and use those from now on. If I would have known that they were only 50 cents, I would have bought more last time. I also have a bunch of fabric tote bags I can use. I'm planning on keeping several in all my vehicles, and in the house.

Gotta run, heading to the doctor, then running errands. Gotta grab my bags!


  1. I think my comment didn't get published, so here it is again: thumbs up for recycling, I always take a canvas tote with me when I go to the (super) market.

  2. I like using the canvas bags. They make transpiring heavy groceries easy. I do not have to worry about the bags breaking.

  3. I've gotta start doing the same thing. I have one that I've been keeping in my car and I even have an insulated one for cold stuff. Now if I can just remember to take them in the store with me :)

  4. We've been using reusable bags to run errands for a couple of years now, and I like them so much more than the plastic ones. It's great doing something good for the planet, plus I'm one of those people who tries to carry in all of the groceries at once, so it's nice having 2-3 larger bags that hold everything, haha.

  5. We do our part with recycling as well. Any time I do get plastic grocery bags, I make sure to reuse them. I know recycling them is good, but reusing them is even better :) I need to invest in some of those reusable bags (and then remember to take them with me!)


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