Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Great Idea for Storing Kitty Litter Bags

Now that I don't use plastic grocery bags anymore I'm finding that the stash I keep for disposing kitty litter is going down awful fast. I suppose that I was actually recycling them, but as much as we shop, they really were getting out of control. Besides, I heard on the radio that they plan to do away with them completely in the next few years. Many places already have quit using them, as many cities in the U.S. have gone green.

I picked up a package of eight rolls of pet disposal bags. They come in a roll so that they fit the nice little holders that people attach to their pet's leash for when they are our walking. That in itself, is brilliant! You know what else they fit beautifully inside? All eight of them fit inside the wet wipes container that you buy in the toilet paper isle at the grocery store. They even have a hole to dispense them one at a time from the rolls, and a cover that flips over so you don't see what's inside. I personally like this idea because Punkie likes to eat plastic bags. This way, she can't get to them, and I can keep this in the bathroom where I keep her main litter box. 

If you are going green in your home and plan on not using plastic grocery bags, be sure to check out my blog tutorial to make some foldable grocery bags that fit inside a sleeve. They are so easy, even if you don't sew. I was actually told by one reader that it was her first ever sewing project and it turned out great! You can find that HERE.


  1. That would work for my compost bags, too!

  2. What a great idea! And your foldable totes would make great stocking stuffers / teacher gifts!!

  3. How clever. Very smart and useful.

  4. Creative reuse of a wipes container! Perfect! I used to use a small plastic trash bucket with an odor defiant trash bag in it for the poop. So a week's worth would be in 1 plastic bag that I just twisted at the top to keep the odor in. Luckily the cats never touched it. Since the set up was in the basement I could get away with it. Your tutorial is wonderful for those of us improving on green living!


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