Friday, November 21, 2014

Black Friday - The Way I Remember It

When I look at Black Friday today, it is so different than back in the day when I participated. I did my first Black Friday outing when I was in my late teens. After my kids were born, we made it a rule that no kids under sixteen were allowed to go because it was Mom's day out! 

All the women that were able to go would meet at my mom's house. We would all pile into a car (or two) and head to the Chicago area malls. We would be there when they opened, which back then was around eight. We'd have our lists in hand, and our plan of attack. Sometimes we'd split up into groups of two, sometimes not. We'd always choose a lunch spot and have a fabulous lunch. We would shop all day long. By the time we were finished, the trunk would be so full that sometimes we'd have to bring bags in the car and hold them on our laps. I would actually get about 90% of my shopping done on that day.

Back then, there was no midnight shopping and there were very few big box stores because it was all about the malls. Oh how things have changed! 

It's been a very long time since we practiced that annual ritual. Mainly because of jobs, plus my parents age, etc. Unfortunately some of the lady family members have also passed. Now I spend Black Friday shopping at my computer, and decorating my house. But I look back on those days and I sure do miss them.


  1. Times have definitely changed! I really feel for those who have to work on Thanksgiving since many stores are now open during the holiday. I know a few people who still love the crazy shopping and are usually at Best Buy at whatever wacky hour they open which is usually in the middle of the night! The reality is we can get those bargains, maybe better, online now.

  2. Believe it or not I have never once gone shopping on Black Friday. I've always had to work that day but even if I hadn't I never really wanted to deal with the crowds. I do very little shopping any more for Christmas and most of it will be on the computer

  3. Times have definitely changed! Nice that you have fun memories of past outings. It's sad to see the malls become ghost towns. The big box retailers are ruthless. I avoid shopping there whenever possible.

  4. The thing about 'real' shopping is that it's fun to have a friend to ask their opinion and the have a warm cocoa-break together :-) Although online shopping has its advantages too, I can really enjoy not having to get my hair done and not having anything else to wear than a big sweater and jogging pants!

  5. Honestly, Black Friday shopping is a nightmare. I worked retail for a while after I finished college in 2008 (hello, recession!) and Black Friday was just the worst. People were so rude, everybody was frantic to get what they needed, and honestly, there are other good sales during normal store hours so there was no need to get up at the crack of dawn. I've never shopped in a store on BF and after that experience, I never will.

    I'm so annoyed that stores are opening on Thanksgiving, too. Let people have a holiday for pete's sake!

  6. I am very happy getting my black friday shopping done online.
    I have always wanted to hit the stores but after hearing such stories of the fighting and super long lines. I am thrilled we have such wonderful internet stores.


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