Sunday, November 2, 2014

DST - Plus, When Things Bring Back Memories

As I was changing my clocks back this morning it brought back memories. The clock you see in the picture is my favorite clock, actually one of the favorite items in my house. It's not just because it's cute, or because I love black cats, but because there is a story behind it.

Several years ago all the ladies in the family would head out to Chicago, Woodfield Mall, or Orland Square Mall for some serious shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Let me tell you, we were serious shoppers! We had our lists in hand, our plan of action, and at the end, we'd load the trunk with so many packages. This day always included a really fun lunch as well. We did have one rule, no kids under sixteen because this was MOM'S DAY OUT. Eventually life changed and some of us started working that day, mom couldn't get out as easily, and we no longer do that. I tried it a few times locally at all the big box stores, but it just wasn't the same, so now I use that day to decorate the house.

Anyway, back to the clock. As I was changing the time on my black cat clock, it reminded me of one of those very special trips. I saw that clock in a gift shop window. I wanted it so bad! The cost was $49.95. Just my luck, they didn't have it in stock and the sales lady wouldn't let me buy the window display. Why would they turn down a sale? Oh well. About two or three months went by and I was in KMart looking for a picture frame, and there it was, that exact same black cat clock! But at KMart the price was $12.99. So I came home with the same clock that I could have paid $50 for!

Every time I change the time, or put in new batteries, or even look at it, I'm reminded of the many shopping trips we all took the day after Thanksgiving. It's not only the clock that I'm attached to, it's the memories that go along with it.

Do you have anything that brings back fond memories when you look it at?


  1. What a lovely story! Found your blog via Miss. Val's Creations. My home is full of things filled with memories for me. Truth be told, my husband would like me to throw a few of those memories out because we are out of space, but it is so lovely to look at something and remember the good times. Enjoy your clock.

  2. The clock is adorable! How it brings back fond memories for you with your friends. What a bargain too! I could never handle the day after Thanksgiving shopping. That takes serious patience. Today I'm all about internet shopping! :)

  3. A cute clock. Nice that you got it at such a great price too.

  4. Cool clock, and those shopping trips sound like lots of fun. Memories are often brought back to me by songs and photo's. And I always bring back ridiculously kitschy souvenirs after a holiday :-)

  5. What a cute clock! And what a great bargain! Your MOM'S DAY OUT shopping sprees must have been great adventures.

  6. I love to have a memories around my pieces.... also it is fun to sharing it with a friends! Thank you for sharing it! Happy November!

  7. Cute clock and great story :) I love fun shopping days with my mom too!


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