Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Project 365 - Week 51

Project 365 - One photo a day for a year. Kind of like a photographic journal of my entire year!

Day 352 - Elyse and I picked up a few things on the way home the other day. As we were unpacking we realized that our choices were so unhealthy!

Day 353 - Remember my sewing table? With Elyse in town, it has become her jewelry making table! 

Day 354 - My son talked me into playing this game with him. Perhaps it's because he has been beating my butt, and he knew it would happen?

Day 355 - Cheating this year. All my gifts are in bags.

Day 356 - My favorite dinner of all!

Day 357 - Christmas shopping with the peanut! She's all about playing peek-a-boo now.

Day 358 - Baking up some Christmas yummies!

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  1. looks like a fun filled week for you. Merry Christmas

  2. It sounds like a perfect week with family fun! Wrapping was so much work before the invention of gift bags. It is ok to splurge on unhealthy food during the holiday season. :)

  3. I had to laugh about the unhealthy choices. We can't only eat fresh vegetables and bran! And I can see you have had a terrific week. Your baby playing peek-a-boo is lovely! Merry Christmas to you and all yours!

  4. I love playing Scrabble, although it's not a very popular game and not many people like to play it :-(


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