Friday, July 29, 2016

Christmas in July - Tablescapes

We have come to the end of our Christmas in July Celebration. The month sure did go fast! I’m going to close this subject with a discussion, and by sharing some ideas for tablescapes.

I don’t do a whole lot of entertaining for the holidays but I do have a few dinners or a craft party here and there. Years ago I did themed teas. I had themes such as A Reindeer Tea, A Sweet Shoppe Tea, and A Shopping in the Big City Tea. Those are just a few. Everything matched the theme from the invitations right down to the favors and decorations. They were a blast! We also had delicious food.

One thing that is important to me when having such an event or dinner, is the festive details. I like everything to be perfect, and I want my table to look and feel spectacular! It’s so easy to do this too. Many times you can do this with things you already have around the house. Just let your creative mind take you away! If you need some inspiration, check out the many ideas you can find on Pinterest.

If you are the crafty type, which many of my readers are, you can whip up some cute decorations for your own table. This week’s CRAZY DEAL can even help you with that task. So get inspired to make your dinner or even a fun time that everyone will remember fondly.

Below are a few of the favorites that I found while searching for some cute and festive examples.

Image Source: HERE

Image Source: HERE

Image Source: HERE


  1. Those snowmen are a great idea, and your gingerbreadpeople look adorable!

  2. Great ideas Sher! I love those table snowmen. Adorable. Pinterest is so full of inspiration.


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