Friday, July 22, 2016

How to Host an Awesome Craft Party!

Have you ever thought about hosting a craft or sewing party? I’ve hosted a couple, and I’ve been to a couple. They sure are a lot of fun! Most recently I had a glass painting party. We even had my then three year old niece in attendance and she had a blast too. 

Here is how I coordinated mine. We each bought a few bottles of enamel paint. We did make sure we weren’t purchasing doubles. Some bought a couple brushes and some already had some. I had more than enough to share. I made sure I had (which I always do) plenty of disposable plastic cups, paper plates, and napkins. Everyone also brought the glass items they wanted to paint. We actually went to the dollar store and bought martini glasses, wine glasses, candle cups, etc. I even had a stash of baby food jars I stashed away when the granddaughter was here. I also stocked up on wine and snacks for my guests. 

I placed large sheets of rosin paper (nice to have on hand for so many projects) over my dining room table and my kitchen counter top to keep them safe from paint. We had such a good time and we all made some great gifts. They did the baking at home because this particular craft requires you bake the glass in a slow oven for about thirty minutes, but not until the glass has set for forty-eight hours.

We had so much fun at this one, we all had another one at my sister’s house a few weeks later. Why not give it a try? Maybe like us, you’ll be starting a new family tradition!


  1. I've always thought a craft party would be fun but most of the people I know aren't really in to crafts. They like getting the things I make as gifts but they don't like making things

  2. This is such a great idea! I attended a Stampin' Up party years ago which sort of felt like a crafting party. We brought our own photos to craft with using the company's supplies. It was a lot of fun. I love the idea of getting the girls together to make something (with wine of course).


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