Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 Super Silly Laws

Here are a list of 10 laws that are for real. While doing research for this post I found a whole bunch of funnier ones but since this is a family friendly blog, I'm only posting laws of an appropriate nature. And yes, these are for real!

Pennsylvania: It's illegal to sleep on a refrigerator outdoors

Indiana: It's illegal to throw your couch at your neighbor

Illinois: It's illegal to fish while riding on a giraffe's neck

Minnesota: It is illegal to cross state lines with a duck on your head

California: It's illegal to drink cement

Florida: It's illegal to set off a nuclear bomb in the city park

Tennessee: It is illegal to gather or consume roadkill

Texas: It's illigal to dust a building with a feather duster

North Dakota: It's illeagal to serve beer and pretzels together.

New York: Man boobs are against the law (I'm still laughing at this one!)

Photo Above: An old photo from years ago. I think they were watching a bird.


  1. Ha Ha! Thanks for sharing! I read these to my hubby too - he was like, "What??"

  2. So many states (probably ALL of them) need to update their laws and throw some out. I've heard of some real doozies! These really are funny...and silly lol.

  3. These are too funny! But you know the only way they came up with these is because someone was crazy enough to do them!
    Thanks for the laugh :)

  4. LOL! People from North Dakota should visit Southern Germany...they serve beer and pretzels together all the time :)
    Love your kitties!

  5. bahahaha! I love this. I needed these silly goodies to help me finish the week out at my day job :). Manboobs… I love it!

  6. Ha, ha, thank you for that laugh Sher:) Love the photo of the pets:)

  7. Funny! I want you to know, though, that here in Illinois we are very serious about that giraffe thing!

  8. So it's LEGAL to set off a nuclear bomb in any non-park area of florida? haha haha - makes me laugh - thanks for sharing.

  9. OMG! too funny. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Tennessee: It is illegal to gather or consume roadkill


  11. These lists always crack me up. Who has time to pass all of these laws?

  12. I imagine Tennessee's and N. Dakota's have actually been tested... The rest are absolutely outlandish! =D

  13. I want to know how people sat around discussing make these into laws. They are so ridiculous. Maybe this is why Congress has such a hard time getting things done?:)

    Artful Rising

  14. I love reading these things. Makes you wonder what they were thinking when they came up with these laws. I'm also very glad to know that I would be breaking the law if I took my refrigerator outside to sleep on....lol,

  15. fun!
    Make sure you take your duck off your head before crossing state lines! good to know.
    no worries. I will NEVER drink cement! leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

    Rose asks, "Who has time to pass all of these laws?"
    I ask, "Who pays these people to pass these laws?"

  16. LOL - I love to imagine the debates that might have led up to passing laws like this.


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