Sunday, January 8, 2012

Puppy Chow

I decided to start sharing more recipes with you. But I'm only going to share our tried and true favorites. I have so many ultra delicious ones that I feel the need to share!

Have you ever had Puppy Chow? It was popular about 20 years ago when I got this recipe from my StepMom (who is an incredible cook & baker) and it seems to be making a comeback because I've been seeing it around a lot lately. This stuff is so good and when you take it to a party, it disappears fast!


1 cup choc chips
1 stick margarine
1 cup peanut butter
8 cups Crispix cereal
2 cups powdered sugar

Melt first three ingredients together in a saucepan and pour over cereal. Put powdered sugar in a large plastic bag, add Crispix and toss well to coat evenly. Dry on foil and then store in an airtight container.


  1. One of my absolute favorite desserts. Thanks for posting the recipe!

  2. Oh this sounds delicious! I've never even heard of it before. Thanks for sharing!

  3. YUM! I had some of this over Christmas break :)

  4. Yummy indeed! I haven't had them before, but it is so easy that I am going to make some:):)

  5. Sharing recipes is always well received on my blog! I hope that it is here, too. I love puppy chow. The Calorie count is way high, but it's so good. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  6. I have never had or heard of puppy chow..sounds delicious. Copied the recipe and am going to try it.

  7. I've never heard of this snack, love the name, might just have to try it.

  8. Not only have I heard of it but I've made it a lot. The recipe I found years ago called it muddy buddies though

  9. I have made this more times than I can remember! It is soooo addicting and kids love it!

  10. This is an old family favorite, but my kids call it Muddy Buddies. I haven't made these for about 4-5 years! Thanks for the reminder!

  11. Sometimes the simplest things are the best! I remember making it years ago.

  12. This is one of my favorites, thanks so much for posting the recipe! Looking forward to more of your favorites!

  13. I was craving this over the holidays. I remember that there was always a teacher that would make it and share with the rest of us.

    I am bookmarking this one:)

    It’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

  14. It sounds wonderful!! I've never even heard of it before.

  15. HaHa! At first I thought you were posting a recipe for a special homemade dog food! I had forgotten about this recipe! It sure is good though! Glad you are feeling better! Be well!
    ~~ Diane

  16. I have had Puppy is delicious!
    I just never had the recipe! Thank you! :)

    So nice to meet you through Etsy's Blogging Buddies Team.
    I am your newest blog follower! :)

    All the best,
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  17. Oh my goodness...I thought you were posting a recipe for canine friends. Funny.


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