Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow Storm of 2013

I just shoveled a potty path for Bubba. So far we've gotten about a foot, and it's still coming down like crazy! I knew we were too lucky the past two years.

Anyone else in the path of this storm?


  1. Poor Bubba looks so small in all that snow! We've been pretty lucky this year, but all the snow is coming late in the season. I'm ready for Spring!

  2. We missed the latest snowstorm, but even so, I am SO ready for Spring. Poor Bubba -- walled in by all that snow!

  3. Well, we don't get any snow where I live in Northern California. We haven't even gotten lots of rain this year either. Weather is a crazy thing!

  4. Someplace else is right! We're very ready to be done with it here in Milwaukee, too. Poor Bubba. Hopefully he's coping with all that snow okay.

  5. I sure hope that storm isn't heading for us. I've had enough snow. All that snow is rough on a little guy like Bubba

  6. Alfie had trouble pottying in all that snow too, and he's much taller. Ours has melted down to a couple of inches of very slushy stuff this weekend. Yuck! Where is spring???


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