Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cookie Sheets In The Sewing Studio

There was a time when I bought cookie sheets for baking cookies. Not anymore! A few years ago I bought cookie sheets to keep in my sewing studio and they are the handiest of things to have! They are great when you are cutting out projects, and they make the best drying spots too. When I'm making things like Christmas ornaments, I never make just one or two, I make lots! This way I can lay them all out on cookie sheets and keep them in a safe place while glue or paint are drying. I find them indispensable for my applique work, especially when I want to take my cutting into another room!

Are there any non-conventional items you use in your creative space?


  1. Love getting new tips for my studio!

    I use wooden chopsticks for all sorts of turning jobs, poking out corners, etc.

    And, along the same lines, I have an orange wood sticks (manicure supplies) for smaller corners, but mostly use these when I need to hold some fabric down while it gets under the presser foot.

  2. Cheap cookie sheets are one of my all-time favorite versatile craft room tools, too! Most of the time I use them for gluing small items (magnets, pendants, etc.), but sometimes I also use them for laying out new projects.

    One of my other favorite non-conventional craft items is a kitchen drying rack to use as a paper drying rack. I originally found the idea on Pinterest.

  3. How clever! That's great that you can move the whole tray while they dry!

    I use beer mugs and wine glasses that have bad spots on them as organizers for my wooden pieces :)


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