Sunday, August 18, 2013

Free Motion Machine Quilting - Finally!

For the past year I've been making it a point to experiment in my sewing studio. I've been trying new types of projects, using new supplies, and new tools. I've also been trying new techniques using the supplies and tools I already have. It's been quite a learning experience too.

Lately I decided to try my hand at free motion machine quilting. Why oh why did I not do this sooner? It really didn't take much practice and I have discovered that there is no rhyme or reason. You can't really make a mistake when you are making a bunch of squigglies! 

When combining free motion quilting with my decorative machine stitching, I was able to do the quilting on this Halloween table runner in less than 30 minutes! If I had hand quilted like I normally do, it would have taken me several hours which would have been spread out over a few nights. No more hand quilting for me!

The Halloween table runner, which can also be a wall hanging (with my additional instructions included in the pattern) was my first "real" project I quilted using this method. 

I just listed this pattern, along with other fun Halloween projects at my Etsy Shop and Craftsy Shop.


  1. any technique that you can't make a mistake doing is a winner in my book :)
    Love that table runner, very cute

  2. I like the table runner, I love pumpkins. Cute teapot too!

  3. Such a cute table runner! I still sort of "freeze" when I drop the feed dogs and try to machine quilt, so I tend to rely on my walking foot and make boring straight lines. You've inspired me to give free motion quilting another try. Gulp.

  4. Looks great! Finding faster (and fun) ways to do something is always great!


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